Peace of Mind

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COOLTEC Body Storage utilizes WiFi enabled CoolBot Pro technology to maintain a constant temperature range of 35-45 degrees Fahrenheit with nominal temperature being 38-40 degrees Fahrenheit. The CoolBot app sends mobile alerts in case the cooler temperature goes outside of the preset temperature range for more than 30 minutes. These alerts are sent to COOLTEC Body Storage personnel who receive them via both text messages and email. This interactive control allows COOLTEC personnel to monitor the cooler and make any adjustments from any internet connection. In case of a power outage after hours, COOLTEC personnel will be notified and can immediately make a phone call to start the process of correcting the situation.

What is the CoolBot technology and how does it work? CoolBot is a thermostatic controller, a micro-controller “brain”, that communicates with an air conditioner so that one can access almost all the cooling power. An air conditioner is regulated to not go below 60 degrees. However, the CoolBot technology “tricks” the air conditioner into thinking that it hasn’t reached 60 degrees Fahrenheit. So, the air conditioner continues to cool until it reaches the user’s desired room temperature not going below the minimum temperature of 34 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, it turns an off the shelf air conditioner into a powerful compressor capable of reducing the temperature required for decedent cooling storage.

Although cold temperatures won’t prevent body decomposition from occurring, maintaining a consistent 35-45 degree temperature range seems ideal in slowing the decomposition rate yet simultaneously not freezing the body. Because of the CoolBot Pro technology, COOLTEC is able to provide hospitals, coroners’ offices and funeral homes the peace of mind in knowing that decedents will be preserved in the most optimal state. COOLTEC Body Storage was the first 10’ x 20’ decedent storage facility to use the CoolBot Pro technology in the United States.