Decisions… Decisions… Decisions…

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When a funeral home, coroner’s office or hospital is considering purchasing a decedent cooler, there are many decisions that need to be made. The answers to those decisions will determine the satisfaction level with the investment. Over the next several posts I will review the decisions that were made during the purchase of a cooler for the COOLTEC Body Storage facility. Many of these decisions will be the same decisions that a potential decedent storage facility will need to make. I will share the thought process as to why COOLTEC made the decisions we did.

The following is a list of the decisions that will be discussed in future posts:

  1. Which company’s cooler should I purchase?
  2. How is the company’s customer service?
  3. Will the company provide customers that will discuss his/her experience with the company’s cooler?
  4. What size cooler should I purchase?
  5. What refrigeration system should I consider?
  6. What size door do I need?
  7. How important is controlling the cooler temperature remotely?
  8. Do I require a door that locks?
  9. How many racks will fit into the different cooler sizes?
  10. How difficult is the cooler and refrigeration system to assemble?

These are the topics that will be discussed. After using the cooler for several months, I have the added perspective as to how the answers to those questions turned out.