Customer Service

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I can’t speak for the customer service of other company’s that sell coolers, however, I can speak to Store it Cold’s Customer Service. Although there are more than three individuals in Store it Cold’s marketing and customer service departments, Julia, Dan and Patty were the ones with whom I had the most contact. The first individual I spoke with at Store it Cold was Julia in Marketing. Julia answered all my questions regarding the cooler, refrigeration system, sizes, prices, etc. If she didn’t know the answer she got back to me asap. Her follow-up skills were excellent. She exceeded expectations. After purchasing the cooler, Dan in technical support was instrumental in helping us assemble the cooler and make it operational. One evening Dan stayed after close of business at Store it Cold in order to make sure the internet based COOLBOT was working properly. When we were having an issue with a light switch, he had a replacement sent in overnight. When that switch didn’t work, Dan sent another replacement. Dan was accessible, patient and knowledgable. He also exceeded expectations.  Finally, the triage person for COOLBOT appears to be Patty. She was usually the first person to answer the phone. If she didn’t know the answer she would transfer me to the appropriate employee. Her follow up skills and sense of urgency exceeded expectations.

I can’t say enough good things about the Customer Service team at Store it Cold. I look for several qualities in a marketing and customer service person.  First, is he/she personable and patient in answering my questions and concerns. Secondly, does she/he follow up quickly. Third, is he/she  knowledgeable of their company’s product. And, finally, do they exceed expectations. Julia, Dan and Patty exhibited all of those qualities. I would give the Marketing and Customer Service team at Store it Cold an A+.

Like I said, I can’t speak to the customer service teams for other cooling companies.  Maybe they exceed expectations too. But, this much I can tell you:  if you decide to purchase a cooler from Store it Cold, you will be impressed with their customer service team.