Ask to Speak with Customers!

By January 31, 2021No Comments

One Saturday afternoon I was reviewing information on-line about the different morgue cooling companies. I ran across a blog post by Store it Cold that shared Dan Flynn’s experiences with Store it Cold and the COOLBOT technology. Dan owns a funeral home called Simply Remembered, in Santa Barbara. I would recommend the reader review that post. After reading the article, I called Dan. Dan was very generous with his time. As someone who is always looking for a more cost effective way of managing his funeral home business, he adapted the Coolbot technology to the funeral industry. To the best of Dan’s knowledge, Simply Remembered was the first funeral home in the U.S. to use the Coolbot technology to store decedents. He shared how he was able to maximize the space of an 8’x12’ cooler in order to accommodate 25 decedents. I was impressed with Dan’s experience and overall satisfaction with his Store it Cold cooler. If I was interested in size of coolers, pricing, delivery schedule, etc., Dan suggested I call Julia in marketing at Store it Cold.  A few days after my conversation with Dan, I called Julia. After answering my questions regarding Store it Cold’s coolers and Coolbot Technology, I asked Julia if I could speak to another funeral home director who had recently purchased a cooler from Store it Cold. Julia gave me the contact information for Paul Seger, President of Nebraska Funeral Director’s Association. Like Dan, Paul was very satisfied with his purchase and the support he had received from Store it Cold. Paul was also very generous with his time. Both Paul and Dan, even after my purchase from Store it Cold, have continued to answer my questions regarding recommendations on racks, lifts, body bags, decomp smells, and marketing, to name just a few subject areas. Their opinions and suggestions have helped tremendously in the success we have experienced with COOLTEC Body Storage.

Whichever cooler company you are considering, make sure to contact some of the company’s current clients. By asking questions and listening, one will learn a lot from others’ experiences with the cooler they purchased. In addition, some funeral directors, like Dan and Paul, may turn out to be excellent future resources for other questions regarding the funeral business.