What Makes COOLTEC Unique?

  • Leading Edge TechnologyCOOLTEC is the first body storage company in the United States to use the leading edge CoolBot climate control technology in a 200 square foot refrigeration facility.
  • Peace of Mind  The CoolBot technology maintains a consistent temperature range. This controlled environment provides one with the peace of mind that while a body’s decomposition rate will be minimized, the body will not be released to a funeral home in a frozen state.
  • SafetyThe CoolBot WiFi connectivity and mobile app allows for 24-hour surveillance and monitoring of temperature changes in the cooler. Text messages and emails are sent to specified COOLTEC employees if the temperature goes outside the preset parameters. Temperature modifications can be made instantaneously over a cell phone, computer, laptop or tablet.
  • Security and Protection – Separate circuits for both air conditioners and CoolBots minimize the risk of both air conditioners failing because of a tripped circuit.
    • Cooler door is equipped with lock and key allowing only authorized personnel to enter the cooler
    • 24-hour video camera surveillance
    • Video camera warning signs
  • Experience – COOLTEC employs a team of dedicated, caring professionals, who combine for over 60 years of service in coroner’s offices, funeral homes and university autopsy labs.

Who We Are

COOLTEC Body Storage is a trade name used to describe a Division of Albertson’s Mortuary, LLC. COOLTEC Body Storage is registered as an “Assumed Name” in the State of Indiana under the business entity of Albertson’s Mortuary LLC.


One of the largest coolers in Indiana:
10’ x 20’ (200 square feet)
30 decedent capacity
(2ea) 24,000 BTU air conditioners
Customed 48” door

COOLTEC Location

COOLTEC Body Storage is located on the near Eastside of Indianapolis at 1775 N. Sherman Drive.

COOLTEC Hours of Operation

COOLTEC Body Storage is open from:
8am – 4pm
Monday – Friday
8am - 12:00 (Noon)
Closed Sundays & Holidays


Custom 24” and 36” Wide

4-tier Shelves

We Look Forward to Assisting
your Facility in the Future.

Steve Cambridge 
Email: [email protected]
Cell Phone: 317-987-5477

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